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Football Legend Ian Taylor Signs For SNRG

Former professional football star Ian Taylor has signed for SNRG as an ambassador – and is helping to educate sports clubs about the benefits of solar panels and SmartGrids.

Ian Taylor

Ian, who is best known for his playing days at Aston Villa, is still involved in the game as a pundit, but is also passionate about renewable energy.

He explained: “I’m basically going around the UK, spreading the word of SNRG and what we can do.
“I’m loving the role because it’s using the black book that I’ve made over the years. My contact list is pretty extensive.

“It’s about educating a lot of football clubs – and other businesses – about where they should be and what they can do, generating their own power and making use of it.

“SNRG take a lot of the headachy stuff away from companies.
You pretty much put it in SNRG’s hands, and they take care of everything.”

Watch our interview with Ian Taylor below.

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