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Welcome to your SNRG SmartGrid App, where you can check on your energy use, your cost savings and carbon savings.

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Opening the app will take you to the Login page.
Here, type in your username and password.

From the Menu, select Energy.

This will load up your personal energy use, showing how much energy you have used in the past half hour.

The information shown breaks down how much energy has come from solar panels, how much from battery storage, and how much from the grid.

Select the Insights page from the bottom of your screen, and you will be provided with three interesting facts about your energy use.

Your estimated savings are compared to the same property if it was fully supplied by the grid, using average tariffs.

Your estimated average electricity usage compares your average use with all the homes within your SNRG SmartGrid.

And your estimated carbon emissions compares your output with that for a similar sized home in the UK.

This information can be viewed across daily, monthly and yearly timescales.

On the Usage tab, you can see your average daily energy use over the past 30 days.

Select months, and you will see your average usage over the past 12 months.

The Bills tab will keep you up to date with your latest bills.

From the Menu, select Account.

Here you will see all your personal details, and moving between the items at the bottom of your screen will allow you to change details regarding your profile, payments and password.

You can select Docs to read relevant details such as terms and conditions of using the SmartGrid.

Also from the Menu, select Support.

It will offer a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions, which should provide you with the answer to your query.

If you need to ask any further questions, simply choose the Contact tab and fill in your details.

Select Emergency for details of working hours, out-of-office hours and emergency contact numbers should you need them.

The Menu also gives you the option of signing out of your SNRG SmartGrid app until you next check your details.

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