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Welcome to the team Paul

“Companies like SNRG are crucial to disrupt and innovate, to show the art of the possible”

Meet Paul Roden, SNRG Product Manager

Paul Roden is excited by the opportunities that microgrids present – and he believes SNRG can be the market leader when it comes to providing the infrastructure. As SNRG Product Manager, Paul has an overview of all the component parts that play a role in net zero energy provision, from solar panels to electric vehicle chargers.

Paul has been getting plenty of sunrays at home. Originally from Liverpool, he moved with his wife, three children and two dogs to Devon in the summer of 2020.In his spare time, Paul enjoys listening to music – particularly the Foo Fighters – and he’s a dedicated fitness fanatic, with a love of kettlebells and dips in the sea – especially in winter! Paul recently completed his first Olympic-distance triathlon, and has another in the pipeline. He’s also considering entering a challenging Half Ironman event next year. Such commitment requires focus and discipline, and Paul has the same vision when it comes to powering towards net zero.

When he became involved in proposition work on heat pumps and energy management, while working for British Gas, Paul realised he had a real passion for providing net zero opportunities. “My experience has given me a solid understanding of customer requirements, and things that will work in real-world situations,” explains Paul. “This really relates to my role as Product Manager at SNRG, where I essentially need to be the voice of the customer.

“I love working with other people to create and shape something that will ultimately make a difference. Which is why I feel super fortunate to be part of the SNRG family, and working within a team that possesses such a variety and depth of talent.

“As Product Manager, I look at products and services that we offer, or could offer in the future, from the PV with battery storage and the microgrid, to EV charging and heat pump optimisation. I look at the viability of a compelling product or proposition that genuinely makes something easier for the customer, and saves them money.”

Microgrids are an emerging, growing technology, and while Paul says this presents challenges, it also opens up a world of possibilities. “There is a huge opportunity to drive adoption across all technologies and bring customers along on the journey, rather than it be something that happens to them,” says Paul.

“Education in new technology is a key driver. Huge brands in heating, building and transport have a real responsibility to set the right example and be role models, to promote and encourage the shift to net zero in every way.

“A combination of all tech in the right place and context is needed, for example low carbon heating deployed in highly efficient buildings. This needs support through the likes of BEIS policy, and the backing of big energy and developers.

“Companies like SNRG are crucial to disrupt and innovate, to show the art of the possible. We are fortunate to be working with developers that share this vision.”

Paul adds: “My ambition is to really help SNRG grow and deliver everything it wants to in this space, and beyond.

“Microgrids, being slightly more niche than heat pumps and electric vehicles, require more thought and consideration, but I’m confident that SNRG can become the main brand that comes to mind when somebody says the word ‘microgrid’.”

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