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The SNRG Solar PPA Calculator provides UK businesses with powerful insights on how the cost and carbon saving benefits of rooftop solar can be accessed without upfront expenditure.



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Client Input Information:

Current Annual Electricity Consumption (kWh)


Average Business Electricity Rate (day)


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Total Area

We currently only deploy our solutions on projects with areas greater than 500㎡.

SNRG Output Information:
Achieve savings with no upfront costs
Potential Number of PV Panels:
Potential Annual PV Production
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Potential Annual Emissions Reduction*
{{C18}} kg CO₂e

Year 1:

Find out more about a fully funded solution to achieve these savings: Contact SNRG
Estimated Current Annual Electricity Cost without SNRG**
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Estimated Future Annual Electricity Cost with SNRG***
{{C22}} £
Potential Annual Electricity Savings
{{C23}} £

*0.19338kg of CO₂e has been used as per the DEFRA 2022 report and
assumes this remains static moving forward.
**Unit rate only. Excludes standing & capacity charges, and any taxes.
***This assumes 100% of Solar Production is consumed onsite and nothing is exported.



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Are you looking to reduce your business electricity costs? The SNRG Solar Calculator provides our industrial and commercial clients with an estimate of their potential electricity bill savings. The best part is that SNRG funds its rooftop solar and battery systems, which means the electricity savings provided by the SNRG Solar Calculator can be accessed by our clients with zero upfront cost!

Integrating solar panels onto your commercial rooftop not only saves you money on your energy bills but also demonstrates to your stakeholders and customers a commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and a contribution towards a sustainable future. We have put together a simple calculator that you can use to determine how much you can save by switching to a solar energy solution with SNRG. Our cost-savings calculator will help you make an informed decision about your energy choices by offering your company insights into carbon reduction, taking you closer to net zero targets, and decreasing energy bills.

I&C Retrofit Client Solar Cost-Saving Calculator

The SNRG Solar Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that will provide you with the following outputs:

  • Potential number of PV panels
  • Potential annual PV production
  • Potential annual emissions reduction
  • Estimated Year 1 electricity cost saving

The I&C Retrofit Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Calculator Tool is a user-friendly resource enabling you to input data and obtain valuable insights for your industrial and commercial building in the following areas:

  • Number of PV panels your installation requires.
  • Annual PV production.
    Annual emission reduction.
  • Energy expenses.

Building owners and occupiers can quickly gauge the potential monetary and carbon reduction benefits of a funded SNRG rooftop solar solution. 

Find Out the Monetary Benefits Of PV Installation

When renewable power is combined with supplementary technologies like battery storage systems, it is harnessed and optimised by being consumed precisely when and where it is most needed. 

The SNRG Solar Calculator takes into account details like the location of your building to provide accurate estimations that will give you confidence in SNRG’s ability to deliver on its promises.

Installing PV panels on existing industrial and commercial buildings is no longer just a theoretical concept; it’s a viable energy source that is rapidly becoming more accessible and affordable. At SNRG, we focus on efficiency by offering fully funded solutions. This calculator aims to provide an objective measure of the monetary benefits solar panels offer in the long run, allowing you to understand how rooftop solar panels can benefit your business.

Our tool offers straightforward insight into installation, projected and potential energy savings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum you need to input where the building is located, and the roof size along with your estimated annual electricity consumption to generate results.

Based on an industrial building that has 720 panels potentially, a potential annual PV production of 283,392 and a potential annual emission reduction of 54,802, estimated results include the following:
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Current Estimated Annual Electricity Cost * without PV £270,000 £291,372 £262,225 £247,844 £222,442
Estimated Annual Electricity Cost with SNRG PPA** £243,446 £265,722 £237,495 £224,053 £199,610
Potential Annual Electricity Savings (£) £26,554 £25,651 £24,730 £23,791 £22,833
Cumulative Annual Energy Savings (£) £26,554 £52,204 £76,934 £100,725 £123,557
* Presumes that all solar energy generated is used on the premises and none is exported.

Yes, it can be profitable in the UK. Given that SNRG’s solution is fully funded, businesses can expect significant long-term financial and non-financial benefits, such as saving up to 30% on electricity bills and conserving capital for other business investments while working toward net zero carbon emissions.   

While commercial installations aren’t inherently more efficient than residential, the quantity of panels in a single installation makes the installation more cost efficient while the typical day time operating hours of a business also align better to the solar generation times, increasing consumption.

A typical 400watt PV solar panel measures 1m x 2m which will cover 2m2. This means 1m2 of rooftop solar has a generation capacity of 200watts.

Every 1,000watts of rooftop solar can generate around 800kWh of electricity annually in the UK. This means 1m2 of rooftop solar has the potential to generate 160kWh of electricity annually.

According to the DEFRA 2022 report, for every 1kWh of grid electricity consumed, 0.19338 KgCO2e we produced. This means 1m2 of rooftop solar has the potential to avoid 31 KgCO2e annually if the carbon intensity of grid electricity remains at the 2022 levels reported by DEFRA.

The real-world value can vary due to installation angle, local irradiance, and potential shading. 

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