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SNRG SmartGrid Cuts the Cost of Home EV Charging

Charging your electric vehicle at home is far cheaper if your property is on a SNRG SmartGrid.

For SmartGrid residents who don’t have EV chargers attached to their homes, for example those who live in flats and charge in allocated bays, the savings are even more impressive.

For these people, the average UK national EV charging cost is 92% more expensive than the SNRG SmartGrid rate (Cost to charge per kWh: SNRG 25.5p, UK average 49p. Source: Zapmap Price index, June 2023).

The SNRG SmartGrid is a place-based power system where all buildings in a development get their electricity via communal solar panels and battery storage, smartly optimised to reduce energy bills.

SNRG operates the local grid, and adds the EV charge session to the home energy bill at a low home tariff rate. Only SNRG can do this in the UK.

Traditional EV billing is complex, there are fees paid to the charge point operator, and VAT is charged at 20%.

The unique SNRG approach sees EV charging included in the electricity bill, so VAT is charged at only 5%, and there is also a lower installation cost.

Different residential or commercial sites have different charging scenarios, some with specific hardware requirements, but SNRG can adapt to fit all demands.

As well as integrating private EV charging into the SmartGrid and including this with consumer bills, SNRG can also provide private charging for remote parking, using an RFID reader in the charger.

SNRG can work, too, with charge point operators to supply and install public EV charge points.

Electric vehicle (EV) trade group Recharge UK recently released a report, Charging forward to 2030: Critical success factors for the deployment and operation of UK-wide inclusive EV charging infrastructure.

This detailed initiatives to help keep up with the anticipated growth in EV sales, calling on the government to urgently develop a plan for the rollout of EV charging infrastructure. 

Clearly, the SNRG solution could play a major role in accelerating deployment of EV charge points.


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