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Faizan Ali Khan, SNRG Solution Design Engineer

“The SNRG Smartgrid will be a win for everyone”

Faizan Ali Khan is excited. He believes he is playing an important role in a new era of smartgrids, that will benefit people’s lives, their pockets and the planet. He is relishing the journey, which began in the busy city of Karachi, Pakistan, where Faizan was born and raised. He moved to the UK in 2010 and completed his Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng degree at the University of Hertfordshire four years later.

“When I came to the UK, I was only 19 years old,” he explains. “It was the start of a new phase in my life, living on my own, leaving all my family and friends back home. “Now, I am living with my wife and two sons in Welwyn Garden City, in Hertfordshire. I call this my new home town.

“Since our boys are aged three and two, we are always busy with them. But if we are lucky enough to get some spare time, we love to visit back home. We love to go on holidays and spend time at the beach.”

After graduating from university, Faizan started his own company, as part of the graduate entrepreneur programme, endorsed by the uni. Faizan recalls: “The business idea was to start a solar PV installation company, which was in need at that time, to achieve the UK government’s target for solar PV of 20GW by 2020. “Unfortunately, in 2017, the FIT (Feed in Tariff) subsidy on solar PV was reduced. That was the hardest time for the residential market of solar PV. “

“After that, I became more focused on overseas markets. I got more into the latest products of solar PV, EV and lithium ion battery technologies – it was the start of residential batteries and EV chargers. In 2021 I got an opportunity to work as design and estimator engineer, which allowed me to enhance my designing and technical skills, and work with the latest industry software.”

As Solution Design Engineer at SNRG. Faizan is mainly responsible for rooftop solar PV design. “I use the latest PV design software to generate full-year simulation, and also to create 3D design for shading analysts,” he explains.“We evaluate each project for the best optimization PV results, as each project has its own nature.

“At SNRG we work on enough clever software and tools to do a complete energy project modelling, with multiple renewable energy assists, as well as flexible load, control schedules load, on-demand EV charging or PV optimization EV charging.”

Faizan is excited about the future potential of smartgrids. “I know this will be the best way towards net zero, and the future of clean energy,” he says. “I really enjoy what I am doing for SNRG. The smartgrid concept is the future of green energy, and the market size will be huge.

“I am already convinced that SNRG will be the pioneer of smartgrids, and I will be lucky enough to witness and be part of a new era of smartgrids.”

“The SNRG smartgrid will bring revolutionary change in energy use for end-users, through monitoring, controlling and AI automation.”

“It will be a win for everyone. Customers will benefit from green, affordable energy. Developers will have grids of less complexity. And SNRG will make a better, sustainable world for new generations.”

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