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How SNRG Has Revolutionised Energy Provision in the UK

SNRG is accelerating the decarbonisation and electrification of both Residential and Industrial & Commercial projects across the UK. There are many more exciting announcements to follow.

SNRG achieves this through its SmartGrid, a place-based renewable power system utilising solar PV, battery storage and intelligent optimisation, to provide a reliable, cheaper electricity supply, connected to assets such as EV chargers and heat pumps.

When all these elements are controlled and orchestrated together, there are benefits for the developer in upfront cost savings, improved EPC ratings, and higher value properties, while the occupants benefit from bill savings and carbon savings.

The SNRG SmartGrid overcomes major obstacles being experienced by developers, housebuilders and businesses, and offers immediate solutions in these areas:

Upfront costs

SNRG designs, builds and operates the SmartGrid – but crucially also funds it, with the backing of Antin Infrastructure Partners.
Antin, a leading independent private equity firm, managing £25.5 billion of assets across the world, acquired a majority stake in SNRG in April 2022, to support the deployment of 300MWp of rooftop solar and 250MW of communal battery storage by 2028.

30-year Low Price Guarantee

SNRG guarantees a 30-year energy price discount compared to the wider market, currently offering 15% below the Ofgem price cap on our residential developments.
This is possible as a result of the onsite generation, and is also enabled by a renewable energy supply provided by Centrica, when there is not enough onsite generation or storage available.
Centrica, like Antin, is a financial backer of SNRG.

Grid constraints

Many new developments are facing connectivity delays of up to 10 years, but with the SmartGrid doing the hard work in generating and storing energy, SNRG can offer developers a viable solution to have their project connected far more quickly.

The digital technologies and software in the SNRG SmartGrid enable real-time monitoring of solar input and local electricity demand, analysing the data to optimise the grid and battery storage, and minimising the grid capacity needed to service the development.

Net Zero / Low Carbon Targets

The SNRG SmartGrid maximises consumption of locally-generated renewable energy, via solar PV panels. This makes the SmartGrid a less carbon-intensive energy solution, and helps developers to meet their sustainability goals.

Energy Bills

The SNRG SmartGrid can reduce the cost of energy by up to 15%. It is a communal system, where solar PV panels are placed in optimum positions, to the benefit of all homes or buildings in the development.


From 2025, Housebuilders will be required to build low-carbon, all-electric homes, but do not want to be hampered by extra costs or delays connecting to the grid. The SNRG SmartGrid provides the solutions developers need, along with the customer support that end users need as the UK transitions to a net zero future.

Industrial & Commercial

Many businesses are locked out of the benefits of using solar panels, because they have a short-term lease with their landlord. SNRG has overcome this obstacle by including landlords in SmartGrid agreements and utilising airspace rents.

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