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If you are watching the rooftop solar revolution taking place in the UK and feeling locked out due to leasing or renting your building — SNRG holds the key. 

The UK government has a clear target to ambitiously cut greenhouse emissions by 68% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. As the deadline approaches, statistics dictate they will only achieve 92% of the 2030 target. The best way to bridge this gap is through the “rooftop revolution.” 

The UK government is mobilising a Taskforce to pinpoint areas of improvement and lead the charge on using the rooftops available. Everything from carparks to warehouses can and should be used for renewable energy. Leading the Taskforce is Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero Graham Stuart. He believes, “Households across the UK are already doing their bit to provide cleaner, cheaper, and more secure energy sources with the solar panels on their roofs – but with acres of rooftop space on car parks and supermarkets in every community, we can be doing even more.”

SNRG SmartGrid Solutions For Leased Commercial Property

SNRG will provide the missing links for businesses to overcome challenges and install rooftop solar. With exciting upcoming partnerships, we are confident in overcoming three main challenges that face UK businesses seeking to gain the benefits of rooftop solar panels.

1. Leased Commercial Property Challenge: High Upfront Cost

The main hurdle for many businesses is the upfront cost. The median UK commercial building size is 350m2 (~3,750 square feet) and a solar and battery solution for this building could cost around GBP200,000. SNRG funds the SmartGrid system (including solar, inverters, battery storage, and communication technology) through a PPA over a 20-25-year agreement, relieving businesses of the upfront cost burden while allowing them to gain cost and carbon savings.

2. Leased Commercial Property Challenge: Grid Constraints

The UK has many rooftops that we believe hold the solution for energy demand. However, in many places, grid constraints limit the ability to alter or utilise a tenant’s rooftops. 

Grid constraints are defined as limitations placed on the national grid system, due to limited authorised transmission capacity, generation, transmission line outages, load variations coupled with insufficient resilience, market issues, environmental regulations or incorrect permissions.” 

While each building and client is unique, SNRG prides itself on building creative exceptional solutions. Tenants may overcome grid constraints by managing their energy use or carefully tracking heating costs, but with an SNRG SmartGrid, the potential is limitless. The SNRG SmartGrid prioritises solar-generated energy, which is then turned into battery storage, and then exported to the grid. You are in control and enabling a  constant cycle of charge, recharge, and return, all with renewable rooftop solar. 

3. Leased Commercial Property Challenge: The Complexity Of Tenancy

In the UK, 55% of commercial property (by value) is rented. As tenants strive to decarbonize and reduce rising electricity bills, the restrictions on rental leases create a complex situation. Even with the requirement to meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), tension continues to build between landlord and tenant on the next steps. 

Time is a finite resource and a key pain point in the tenant/landlord relationship. Many commercial building leases are too short for a tenant to experience the full benefit of a rooftop solar system, which in turn makes it a hard sell for a landlord to invest in the upfront costs of installation.  

While SNRG alleviates the upfront cost of a rooftop solar SmartGrid, this technology will also unlock the restriction of time. Through seamless management of the legal and commercial agreements, which guarantee a significant income stream for landlords, tenants are also reaping the benefits of instant monthly savings on their energy bills.

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Join The Momentum Of SNRG Rooftop Solar Solutions

Maximise your business energy savings with SNRG’s funded solar and battery solutions.

If you lease a commercial building that is larger than 700m2 and consumes more than 500,000kWh of electricity annually SNRG may be able to fund, install, and operate an SNRG SmartGrid with the potential to reduce the leased commercial property’s carbon emissions, and your monthly electricity bills by up to 30%.

SNRG delivers long-term partnerships that will navigate the complexity surrounding rooftop solar panels and green technology. 

Contact us using the form below and one of our sales team will explain how we can help you.


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