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5 Reasons To Retrofit Your UK Commercial Building With Solar Energy

This article will examine the five top reasons why now is the time to retrofit a commercial building with solar panels, and what your company risks by waiting longer.

What Are The Benefits Of Retrofitting A Commercial Building With Solar?

The Benefits Of Retrofitting A Commercial Building With Solar

Retrofitting means adding, typically, solar or renewable technology, to an existing building. The critical importance of retrofitting industrial and commercial buildings is increasing as the UK adapts to green technology and gets in line to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Retrofitting solar panels involves installing solar panels onto existing buildings instead of incorporating them into building designs from scratch. Solar panels collect and convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used to power homes, offices, and other buildings. The installation process typically involves adding solar panels to the roof and connecting them to an inverter that converts the DC energy produced by the panels to AC energy for use in the building.

Retrofitting solar panels reduces electricity costs, increases property value, lowers the carbon footprint, and works towards net-zero goals. This technology is also a solution to the frustration felt by the UK business, commercial building management and the construction industry regarding capacity, connection restrictions and rising energy costs. Retrofitting with solar panels coupled with leveraging SNRG’s SmartGrid technology, greatly reduces the demand on the national grid. Additionally, retrofitting solar panels modernises buildings and makes them more sustainable and energy efficient.

5 Reasons To Retrofit A Commercial Building With Solar Panels

Let’s review the five reasons that prove retrofitting a commercial building with solar panels is the best investment for a sustainable future.

1. Dependable & Renewable Energy Sources

Traditional commercial or industrial structures were not built for sustainability, and the process of building new properties can often cause unnecessary damage to land and a significant drain on natural resources. Performing the technical intrusion of a SNRG retrofitting creates dependable and sustainable spaces for organisations to thrive, while moving away from fossil fuel dependency. Regardless of misconceptions, the UK is a reliable location for using solar energy panels, and SNRG is ready to design a unique SmartGrid retrofitting solution for your industrial or commercial premises.

2. Annual Energy Savings

On average, SNRG continues to save industrial and commercial properties 15-20% in annual energy savings. With a SNRG customisable retrofit, properties minimise carbon emissions and upfront costs, while maximising the amount of technology and energy savings.

3. Low Upfront Costs, Repairs & Maintenance

When you work with SNRG, on average it is a 15-20 year agreement. Generally, these agreements can be fully funded from day one, meaning upfront saving on CAPEX and be well placed to benefit from extensive savings. During the contract, SNRG completes all installation, maintenance, and repairs. This is one less thing to worry about while running an efficient and eco-conscious commercial or industrial space.

4. Achieve Corporate Sustainability & Net Zero Targets

Creating an ESG strategy, pursuing EPC rating compliance and other corporate initiatives to contribute towards a greener business model can inspire employees and stakeholders, but often lacks communication or public awareness. Choosing to complete a retrofit installation with a SNRG SmartGrid sends a loud message of your investment to meet corporate sustainability goals. With the SNRG retrofit, your industrial or commercial property can be optimised with visual solar panels and other green technology systems.

5. Reduce Demand On The National Grid

Heating industrial and commercial properties in the UK accounts for nearly 25% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions. Seize the opportunity to reduce your demand with a fully funded solution, and book a SNRG consultation to see your property’s sustainability potential first-hand.

SNRG Awaits To Design Your Unique Retrofitting Solution

Reasons To Retrofit Your UK Commercial Building

Shine a light on your renewable future and contact SNRG today. If you choose to retrofit a commercial building with solar panels, you will be saving the company in the long term and see substantial cost savings with utility bills. Collectively our team brings a combined total of more than 320 years of knowledge and experience in the ever-changing renewable energy world. Don’t hold your company back by physical building restraints. Join other leading organisations prioritising their ESG strategy and schedule a consultation with SNRG today.

A clean future is powered by SNRG. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions On Retrofitting Buildings With Solar Panels

Q: Can any building go through a retrofitting process?

A: SNRG is confident in designing a unique retrofitting solution for many traditional UK commercial or industrial buildings, though there are certain building characteristics that will make the process easier, such as available rooftop space and annual electricity consumption. Contact us today and find out what is possible and the benefits of retrofitting commercial buildings in the UK.

Q: How much does it cost to retrofit a commercial or industrial building?

A: This depends on a variety of factors but thankfully, SNRG offers fully funded retrofit solutions which results in little to no financial outlay to take advantage of the substantial savings available.

Q: How much will we save by working with SNRG?

A: Savings depend on a lot of different variables, but thankfully, a SNRG retrofit is a fully funded solution, which generally means little to no outlay and your building will save on electricity bills, as well as increase compliance with EPC ratings. Get in touch and we will be happy to provide an estimate.

Are you thinking about retrofitting your commercial building with rooftop solar energy panels? At SNRG, our expertise covers any commercial or industrial property looking to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. As a cutting-edge infrastructure company, our team is here to guide you through every step of the process; from design, obtaining complete funding, to delivery and operations.

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